Teriyaki Vegetables

We are on an extremely tight budget this month because I am saving for a trip and I had already given up on eating real vegetables this month. Ok, I was still going to eat vegetables but only the cheapest, starchiest kind. I was a little worried I would get scurvy or gout or rickets but now my troubles are over because my partner volunteered at the farm and I cam home to a fridge full of farm fresh organic vegetables. I am so happy!  Mr. Smurf got us beets, kohlrabi, peppers, eggplants, jalapenos, salad greens, rainbow chard, basil, and tomatoes. Yes, TOMATOES in November. Life is great sometimes. Not only did I not have to grocery shop but I have the best veggies money can’t buy, including so many lovely greens!

I have been really busy and came home late and had to get dinner done before Top Chef started so I made one of the world’s quickest laziest dishes, Teriyaki Vegetables. Teriyaki is a sweet Japanese sauce usually made out of soy sauce, mirin, and sugar but I have used apple cider which is a healthier trick I learned in the Voluptuous Vegan.  This dish has a laziness factor of 3, (1 being you are too lazy to eat and 2 being you will only eat something that is already made and just needs heating). It is a meal you can cook in about 10 minutes and use any vegetables you have on hand. We ate it over Chinese noodles.

Teriyaki Vegetables

1/4 cup soy sauce
1/4 cup mirin
2 cups apple cider
2 tsp cornstartch
~1.5 cups carrots, cut into half inch pieces
~1 cup kohlrabi, peeled and sliced
~1 cup mushrooms
~ 2 cups of the kohlrabi and carrot greens
1 cup of edamame
2 scallions chopped

First cook your rice or start water for your noodles. Then mix together the soy sauce, mirin and 1.5 cups of apple cider in a large skillet and bring to a boil. Add the carrots, mushrooms, and kohlrabi reduce heat to medium and cook for 5 minutes covered. Mix the cornstartch and remaining half cup of cider in a small container. Add the edamame and the greens to the skillet and cook covered another 2 or3 minutes, until the edamame is cooked through. Add the cornstarch mix and stir. Add in the scallions, remove from heat and enjoy over rice or noodles.


7 thoughts on “Teriyaki Vegetables

  1. Tom Baker

    Looks very good and I bet it tastes good too. I would prepare it just like you but leave the soy beans out of it. I don’t eat them… Great site for a first time visitor.

  2. lazysmurf Post author

    Hi Tom, yeah the soy beans are easy to omit. You could add tofu or tempeh for extra protein or just have the veggies. This recipe is great because just about anything you have on hand would work in teriyaki sauce.

  3. twoveganboys

    Wow. The fridge looks full of goodness and the meal terrific. I wish I could go volunteer at the farm, but with the Saturdays being cancelled, I am SOL. Ugh.

  4. Jes

    Mmm beautiful teryiaki–especially for Top Chef watching. What a heartwrenching episode, I didn’t want anyone to go.

  5. mihl

    How awesome you got all those vegetables! And tomatoes in November are great! The teriyaki vegetables sound like and awesome recipe for the edamame I’ve hunterd down.

  6. fortheloveofguava

    WOW! Score for Mr. Smurf! We’ve been stuck at 2.5 lately… will only eat if we have enough gas to drive to the restaurant and we’re out of TV on DVD episodes we want to watch….


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