Fun Fun Fun Fest

I had the best weekend.  Friday I went out with some friends and then got to eat in the basement of the Clay Pit! I have never been down there and it was really wonderful, I love going out with other vegans. On Saturday I went to Austin’s Fun Fun Fun Fest. I love music and festivals & I have been to different ones all over the country. Fun Fun Fun Fest is one of my most favorites. It is a lot smaller than most fests for one thing and you have total freedom of movement which I love. I can’t stand being trapped. Also I think there is really more vegan food than there is non vegan food which is so awesome. There was falafel, stir-fry, green chile popcorn, smoothies, tamales, chili dogs, and vegan pizza from the Parlor.

Although the beer was vegan it wasn’t good. At least I got a Koozie.

One of my favorite parts of Fun Fun Fun Fest is watching all the people, it is a mix of punks, hipsters, and hard core kids. As someone who would probably be most comfortable in a burka if it was socially acceptable I am always fascinated by people that are into fashion and having a look. I am happy to announce that it looks like extremely tight pants are finally over. But the 80s are totally in. I saw more fanny packs than I have seen since 1987. Also, although mustaches have been popular for a couple years now, it seems like they have gotten more substantial and are often paired with a cap which reminds me of 1930’s Italian New Yorkers. Or Gallagher.

I saw at least 10 people that looked like this sans watermelon

The best part was of course was the music. I thoroughly enjoyed Foot Patrol, and Austin Band whose songs all revolve around feet.

They had really awesome dancers that were super fun to watch. The whole band dresses up in costumes and plays “funky grooves that combine l98Os Minneapolis funk with Hip Hop, James Brown, New Wave, Funkadelic, video game music, and many more influences in an absurdist postmodern celebration.”

I also loved Ratatat, an electronic duo from New York. I really liked their music but I especially enjoyed their stage show which was had psychedelic style projections that went with the music. There was this one with birds that was pretty terrifying.

The next day it was raining and I spent the day cuddled up with the dogs watching To Die For.

It was a good day.


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  1. lazysmurf Post author

    Well I might have been overly excited, there was probably more non vegan food but it seemed like almost everyone had a vegan option!

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