Mango’s Cafe, a vegan haven in Houston

People talk a lot of smack about Houston. Maybe it is because I live in Austin, but, I don’t think I have ever heard anyone say anything positive about Houston ever. But look at this sandwich.

It is beautiful and bursting with vegan goodness. With some notable exceptions it is rare that you find a sandwich in Austin that is good much less one that has the perfect filing to bread ratio and a ton of vegetables. And I can’t think of one single sandwich that is fresh tasting AND you can have with a side of tots. Austin we have a problem.

This sandwich is “The Hulk” from Mango’s Cafe. It is fried tofu with a creamy cilantro sauce, avocado, cucumber and a whole mess of greens. They have a ton of different sandwiches there and it was hard to choose one! Mango’s is a tiny little place that also serves as a live music venue. Everyone there was ridiculously friendly and nearly everything could be made vegan. I couldn’t decide between the Hulk and the Tofu “Viet Now” sandwich. I asked the guy at the counter and he told me that the Viet Now used to be his favorite sandwich but then he tried the Hulk that day and loved it! It was such a tough decision. They also had a BBQ po’ boy, wingz, veggie wraps, and something called the Big Baby Jesus! And good beer! It was all too much. I forced my friend to take me back the next day and I got this Cuban Pizza. It should have come topped with vegan queso but I wanted it on the side in case I didn’t like it. I needn’t have worried because it was good! Just like the queso you get at Wheastville or Bouldin. The pizza was topped with a black bean sauce, plantains, chopped pecans, and fresh cilantro. I am totally going to borrow this idea and make my how Cuban Pizza because those are all of my favorite things! It was good at the restaurant but too skimpy with the topping. Luckily, that way I wasn’t too full to order dessert. They had a whole array of vegan confections but I chose the chocolate cream filled cupcake.

It was a good choice.

After Mango’s we went to the park for a sing-a-long.And I got to hang out with the Maska (Dinger’s feline brother)

So my opinion of Houston is that it is kind of awesome. But, that is just me….


10 thoughts on “Mango’s Cafe, a vegan haven in Houston

  1. Alin

    I’ll take your word for it that it was good, but it looks like a bunch of greens with a dense hunk of bread.

    “It is rare that you find a sandwich in Austin that is good…”

    Really? Wow, that’s a bold statement. I’m curious if you’ve tried certain things…

    Eggless Salad Sandwich from Wheatsville?
    Daily Tofu Sandwich from Wheatsville?
    Arugula Sandwich from Goodseed?
    ELT from Beets?
    Any sandwich from Counter Culture?
    BBQ Coconut from Daily Juice?
    Banh Mi from Lulu B’s (for crying out loud!!!)?

    Those are just off the top of my head.

    But hey, it’s cool to think there are no good sandwiches in town. I’m just curious how you reached that judgement.

  2. lazysmurf Post author

    I love sandwiches and I have tried a lot of those you list that are good! But overall, I feel like it is pretty rare that you find the type of sandwich that I really like, that is packed with good stuff. The raw sandwiches are usually too intense for me. I love the Lulu B’s and the Goodseed ones, in fact, that is what I was thinking about when I went here, but it seems that I end up eating a lot of shitty veggie sandwiches overall, especially lately. I have to go to counter culture again now that they have improved the bread and I think the Wheastville ones usually have too much bread.

    They are out there for sure but for me, it is rare that I find one!

  3. Trinity

    i have fallen in love with that cupcake. mmmmm. I know what you mean about sandwich proportions… balance is the key!

    if i ever find myself in houston (i admit i have ill feelings toward that place), I’ll definitely go to mango’s!

  4. Mo

    I like Houston. Haven’t spent nearly enough time there, though. Austin does have a problem. What is it with Austin thinking it’s the best at everything?! I say that as a loyal San Antonian 🙂 Hee hee.

    That Hulk sandwich looks amazing! And I so want that cupcake.

  5. maya938

    YAY Houston! Mango’s is a nice addition. Good to know about the queso – haven’t tried it yet. Mango’s is where we held our Vegan Bake Sale actually. Like most things, Houston can suck if you let it – but, why let it when there are plenty of ways that it doesn’t? Is that the park at Discovery Green? Yet another thing that doesn’t suck about Houston.

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