Soupa Za Moju Babu (soup for my grandma)

Last week I was cooking for my Baba and other family in Merrillville Indiana. The area isn’t know for its’ fantastic health food stores but the options are getting better all the time. Nonetheless, I have learned it is better to keep ideas pretty simple. My uncle bought me a head of lettuce so that I would have something to eat while I was there, isn’t that cute? It is sweet that he tried, but I have never been a fan of lettuce, especially by itself! I went to the store and I bought a ton of vegetables so that I could make the healthiest soup possible. It was good and it suited every taste and everyone was excited about trying turnip so the next time you are cooking for a family consider this soup!

Soupa Za Moju Babu


2 chopped onions
2 Tablespoons Earth Balance or oil


1 carrot
1 celery stalk
1 turnip
4 cloves garlic

After the vegetables are browned Add

2 cans of white beans
box of frozen spinach
box of frozen corn
2 bay leaves
red pepper flakes
water to cover

In another pan Saute

1 package of chopped mushrooms
1 Tablespoon Earth Balance or oil
cook until the mushroom liquid has evaporated and add
1 teaspoon of rosemary

Add the Mushrooms along with

juice of a lemon
salt & pepper
Serve with Parsley and Green Onions


*Let me know what you think of the format I have been writing recipes, it is kind of the short hand way I do it in my notebook and a lot of times I copy recipes that way so you don’t have to list all the ingredients, and then later list them again. If it isn’t clear though I can go back to doing it the traditional way.


5 thoughts on “Soupa Za Moju Babu (soup for my grandma)

  1. Jes

    That soup looks so perfect in its simplicity! And too cute about the lettuce–my family is always slightly confused about what to feed me when I’m around.

  2. k

    I have never had turnips, but this is looks like a good place to start and I already have most of the other ingredients, just need the weather to cooperate and it’s on!

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