Koriente- A healthy vegan oasis in the debauchery of 6th St

Did you know that Austin is considered the live music capital of the world according to…. Austinites. If you didn’t, than that is probably because you don’t live here. It is a phrase I rarely go a day without reading. Like, when I lived in Springfield IL and it was all about being the Land of Lincoln.  Or how whenever anyone complains about anything at my office people say “it is an old building”. Anyway, we do go to a lot of shows which leads us into the 6th street and Red River area which is a combination of frat guys, drunk girls trying and often failing to walk in high heels, tourists, hipsters, partiers, and lots and lots of police. The other problem with 6th st is there aren’t that many vegan options. I usually go to Habana or Casino El Camino, and now there is Hoboken Pizza as well. If you are looking for actual vegetables, though, there is really one option. Koriente was opened by a woman who thought restaurants should have affordable healthy food and I think they have certainly succeeded in that goal. It is truly a nice little place next to Waller Creek right by the Beauty Bar. You order at the counter and almost everything on the menu can be veganized. Also, you can have all you can eat soup and salad with lunch or dinner. The miso soup is nice and it doesn’t have any bonito flakes in it. They also have quite a few different teas and bubble tea. They assured me that the pearls are vegan and many of the dairy ones can be made vegan using soy milk.Sadly the food is, so far,  a little disappointing. I have tried many of the items on the menu because and although some are better than others nothing has yet had a wow factor. The summer Rolls were actually disappointing. They didn’t seem to have any herbs in them and were made of just greens and avocados. I love greens and avocados but you have to do something to them! I ordered the noodle garden because I am kind of obsessed with the version at Lulu B’s but it had the same problem as the spring roll although I liked it more. It didn’t seem like they had really enhanced the food with herbs, other flavorful vegetables like peppers and onions, or preparations like marinating or dehydrating.  Most recently, I had Silk Tofu described as “Tender pan seared tofu with button mushrooms, broccoli and carrots, served with steamed rice.” They should have said “with soy sauce and sesame seeds” because that is pretty much it.The tofu seemed very homemade, kind of plain not even pressed and the vegetables were adequately seasoned and had some sesame seeds. It is the kind of food that you would expect in a vegan cafeteria if such a thing existed. The curry was a little better and what I will have again. But I do still go there all the time, the people are very friendly, you get a lot of food for your money, and it is very healthy!


6 thoughts on “Koriente- A healthy vegan oasis in the debauchery of 6th St

  1. Alin

    I totally agree, it’s a bummer the food isn’t better. It’s very mediocre. Also, worst spring roll I’ve ever had. Who puts hummus in a spring roll!!?!?!!

  2. Diann

    I actually like the hummus rolls. I’m trying to remember what I get that I really like and I think it’s the dish with the sweet potato noodles. I also love the free pickles they serve with the free soup and salad.

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