Love letter to my co-workers

Today I got to my desk and this was sitting there. There is nothing better than a breakfast taco to start the day. I have the best co-workers in the world! Not only do they help save turkeys with me and make donations to Farm Sanctuary but they are just the best people ever and they don’t seem to mind that I sing all day long. Sure, most of them distract me all day with pictures from Cute Overload and there is endless talk about the minutia of life but without that I could never get through the day. Plus they help me decide which picture of tofu is the best out of 10. And they bring me food. And sometimes make me cupcakes. It is great. Thank you guys! I love you!


9 thoughts on “Love letter to my co-workers

  1. twoveganboys

    Where do you work? And how can I apply? That is awesome. I have never had coworkers do something so nice.

  2. Leslie

    That is such a terrific way to start wa work day! My boss and coworkers gave me a bag of baby carrots with a big bow on it for my birthday last year 🙂

  3. k

    I would post this on the breakroom fridge as a huge hint to my co-workers, but since I am a giver I am probably bringing something in for them as soon as we hit oven-friendly temps. That is great you have such sweet co-workers.

  4. sheree

    Wow! That is so nice. My co-workers go to the mexican restaurant for breakfast about twice a week and it would be so nice if they could stop at the whole foods and surprise me! You are blessed!

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