Vegan Mofo Giveaway!

The vegan month of food is finally here! VeganMofo is a time where vegans across the internet post 5 days aweek for an entire month. Last year was my first time and it was really fun and got me in the habit of regular blogging. This year we have all sorts of exciting things happening at Lazy Smurf’s Guide to Life. I have been working on lots of great recipes, restaurants and top ten lists around Austin, and I am going to Chicago next week and am going to cook Serbian food for my grandmother and attend Veganmania!

But to kick things off I am having an exciting contest for all the vegan bloggers out there. The vegan blogosphere is stronger when we are all linked together so I am asking you to link to me from your blog, you can either post about the contest or put me in your blog roll, and then make sure it trackbacks here in the comments (if it doesn’t just add a link with your link to the comment section). The winner will get this wonderful wallet that I got from Herbivore on the Buy Something from Herbivore Day. I have one and I really like it. The inside is all clear plastic which makes it easy to see everything in your wallet and I have gotten lots of compliments at the co-op! Yesterday, elsewhere, someone was trying to sell me some food as I was paying for my bubble tea and I asked if it was vegan, he said “no, are you vegan?” and then I saw his eyes drop down to the wallet that I was holding and I thought, not only does he now know I am vegan but he also knows it is all about love. Take that angry vegan stereotype! The contest will end next Monday and I will probably just pick a commenter at random. So happy mofo everyone! I’m vegan and I love you!

**** Contest closed, congratulations to Ashley from Dancing Through Life who won!


38 thoughts on “Vegan Mofo Giveaway!

  1. Krys

    Yes, I am doing Vegan Mofo. I am updating my blog this morning while chasing the two little veggies. 🙂

  2. Alin

    I love that logo. Have it on a shirt and a canvas shopping bag.

    Happy MoFoing! Day One and I’m already not sure how I’m going to find the time……

  3. t

    Oh so cute! Want! I’ve bought so much from Herbivore, but I think I’ll have to wait till I’m back in the US to get anymore.

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  5. Jereme

    I’ve been scouting around for a cool wallet and have seen these. It’s the last piece of my garb that hasn’t made the switch yet. I absolutely hate carrying around a non-vegan wallet.

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