Herbivore Clothing Company

When I was in Portland a few weeks ago I got to go to the vegan stip mall. It is always so weird to go to places that are entirely vegan because you are so used to asking questions all the time (there isn’t any cheese on there, right? Can you tell me if these shoes are made of leather?) and then you go to an all vegan place and it kind of blows your mind. You still want to ask the people working there a bunch of questions and they generally sigh and say yes, it’s vegan, everything here is vegan, and then feel silly. Going to a strip mall where every store is vegan was even harder to wrap my head around and I didn’t really trust it but it is true! It was fun to get soy curls and look around at Food Fight and I loved everything I got at Sweet Pea Bakery but Herbivore was the coolest shop for me because they appeared to have every vegan cookbook and zine ever made. I wanted to buy everything! Damnit I don’t need any more cookbooks! Today they are donating a percentage of their profits to good causes so if you haven’t bought anything from there now is the time to do it! I think I am finally going to get Yellow Rose Recipes.and I really want this walletand I am veery curious about the book “A Vegan Taste of Eastern Europe” but I can’t find any reviews! So if someone has it let me know….


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  1. efcliz

    I have that book, along with a few other of hers. I know I haven’t made anything from it. She relies a lot on fake dairy products. i don’t have it in front of me and I’m out tonight but I’ll try and remember to have a look over the weekend and post some recipe titles for you.

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