A South Austin Omelette

I finally made the omelettes from Vegan Brunch and though they look great I was a little disappointed with the taste. I have never had a recipe turn out badly before from Isa Moskowitz so I am going to assume that one of my ingredients was off. I suspect my black salt is more potent because there was a strong sulfur taste and I have only used a little at a time before. I stuffed the omelette with swiss chard, kalamata olives, and sun-dried tomatoes which was the perfect combination for me.

Earlier this week I was at Wheatsville Co-op and saw that they now carry numerous flavors of Teese. I wasn’t very excited to try it again since I last had the nacho teese which I didn’t like at all, couldn’t eat, and threw away. But, I really did like the mozzarella when I tried it so I implusivly decided to give one more flavor a try and I am so glad I did! I got the creamy cheddar and then later read on the internet that it tasted kind of like velveeta. The only way I ever knew to make velveeta palatable is to make it into queso and I decided to do the same thing with the creamy cheddar teese. My expectations were so low that I didn’t even make my own salsa, I bought some from the Austin Spice Company, warmed up the teese until it was no longer lumpy and then mixed in salsa until the consistancy was right. It was perfect! Exactly like half the restaurants in town so I am so happy to finally have a queso recipe that I wouldn’t feel weird to serve to friends. The strange part was when I was making brunch I assumed that the omelette would be great and the queso would be questionable at best but the opposite happened. Yay Teese!

And I almost forgot to post this picture of Dinger, first hoping that the omelette would fall on the ground and then falling asleep in that position.


8 thoughts on “A South Austin Omelette

  1. Cody

    I’ve been too afraid of the Vegan Brunch omelets. I could never make an egg omelet, I’m terrible with tofu… so, I feel there is little hope for me.

    It does look good, though. Sorry it didn’t taste as lovely.

  2. fortheloveofguava

    mm… I have heard mixed reviews on this omelette… and mixed reviews on the whole Black Salt action… maybe it’s an acquired taste… I know I had a few bad Nooch experiences at the beginning but after finding a brand and preparation I liked totally got on board. At any rate it is awful pretty… can’t blame Dinger for thinking a taste would be worth it! 🙂 (what a dollbaby!!! **grabby hands at cute little hungry jowls**)

    Also… I’ve never seen teese like that!! At least I don’t think they have that at our Mother’s Market… must be on the lookout for it… mmm.. queso…

  3. lazysmurf Post author

    Cody, the tofu omelette was much easier to deal with than the egg version, have no fear! I is like a pancake.

    Guava- I really liked the black salt when I put it on something else but that was just a sprinkle this was like a tablespoon, I think will try again with normal salt and then just sprinkle some black salt on at the end.

  4. a-k

    So far I’d only heard the rave reviews of the tofu omelettes, and I’m glad to hear you weren’t too impressed in case I ever get around to making it and am disappointed too. I’m hoping I like them when I get around to making them, but won’t feel like I’m the only one if I don’t!

    Mostly though, I just wanna say that your dog is SO cute!

  5. Diann

    Wheatsville has Teese??? Yay!!! I guess I had some on a Hoboken pizza. I would love to have queso. Thanks for the tip!

  6. twoveganboys

    Yippee! Wheatsville has Teese. I will be going there next week to purchase some. I love the picture of Dinger. Such cuteness.

  7. Jes

    Dinger is such a ham! L’adorable! I’m loving the sun dried tomato in omlette idea.

    Oh and Cuban sandwiches, those so in general need to be veganized. I miss them so hardcore!

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