Counter Culture- Vegan Trailer

Yesterday while perusing the vegan internets I gleaned some information that changed the course of my day- there is a new all vegan trailer in town! I checked out the menu online, it included a barbecued jackfruit, Garbanzo “tuna” and a Seitan Philly amongst other sandwiches, salads and  raw foods and I got very excited. My kitchen was a mess, Mr. Smurf had to work late, and the moon was dictating my need to drive up to North Loop and eat at the new trailer instead of cooking at home. I got there and had hard time choosing what to order because everything sounded really good. I settled on the Seitan Philly because people were raving about it already online. The only side option at counter culture is a salad and I wasn’t feeling that so I got a drink and some chips next door at the gas station. I hope in the future they add other sides to their menu like tater tots or even jalapeno poppers which would be fabulous with their cashew cheeze. Their Philly Seitan is a sandwich I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend to a non vegan even though it is a sandwich that is usually made of meat and cheese! The seitan in this case was perfectly done, there was no spongieness or weird tastes that often accompany seitan at restaurants. It was the perfect consistency and the taste was really lovely, I could have eaten it on its own. The peppers and onion mixed with already peppery cashew cheeze caused a flavor so delightful that I really couldn’t believe it. The ingredients all seemed very simple and came together in a way that was wholly different from a non vegan Philly but completely reminiscent of it in a really positive way. The only disappointment was the bread, for some reason they have  encased their glorious ingredients in really boring bread. Even if they had kept that bread it would have been so much better if they had toasted it do give it some crunchiness and texture. This Philly needs a tough crusty bread to stand up to it, in my opinion. The sandwich was nevertheless something I will be excited to order again, after I have tried the rest of menu! It was so big that I couldn’t eat dessert even though I really wanted to since they had ice cream sandwiches and doughnut holes. The North Loop neighborhood is so lucky that Counter Culture has parked in their district! Austin just got a little more vegan.


UPDATE: I have since gone back to Counter Culture & the bread is 100% better. The sandwich is totally awesome and she runs weekely specials that are terrific!



10 thoughts on “Counter Culture- Vegan Trailer

  1. karisullivan

    Great review! I agree completely with everything you said, especially about the sides and bread. I look forward to seeing how this little food cart evolves!

  2. fortheloveofguava

    WHAT?! A Vegan Trailer??? How jealous am I right now?! That’s awesome!

    tehee… Is it weird that vegans who normally eat good food get hot and bothered over vegan junk food??? hehe… because seriously it’s awesome!

  3. mollyjade

    I agree that it didn’t really taste like a traditional cheesesteak, but I enjoyed it as its own thing. I think the owner is going for a healthy vibe (she mentioned trying to get the convenience store to carry kombucha when I asked about drinks) which somewhat explains the bread.

  4. Jes

    Wow, that looks like it could beat Govinda’s in Philly. I’m headin’ to the kitchen to recreate!

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