Italian Feast, some Broccoli Quiche, and a Swiss Chard Fritatta

I have been cooking up a(heat) storm from Vegan Brunch so I thought I would share the wonder that is this books. First I made the Broccoli Quiche which was surprisingly creamy but somehow the Broccoli flavor wasn’t strong enough for me. I think next time I will saute it for longer with more liquid to bring out the flavor. It could have been a problem with my broccoli too. I love this picture I think it looks like some sort of a broccoli space ship.I also made the Italian Feast Sausages with Spinashed Potatoes and the Jalapeno corn gravy from the Veganomicon. I loved these sausages! It is so nice to have the recipe right there too, so I don’t have to come up with one on my own or look it up on my blog. We used these the next day for some Seitanic Jambalaya and they really elevated the whole dish. And the gravy was kind of magical despite its somewhat off putting yellow color. It uses only corn and cornstarch for thickening so it might be a good choice if you are trying to avoid flour or beans.  Finally the real star of the show, the Swiss Chard Frittata. I don’t know why this was so yummy, I think the only spice was Thyme or Oregano but I just loved it! I also made the lemon pepper roasted potatoes and they were really easy and good. Homemade Iced coffee has become my new staple and I am really excited to have it always on hand, but that is another post!I do wish this book had come out in the winter when I had nothing do all night besides cook, now that it is a hundred degrees outside and about a thousand in my kitchen is getting really hard to cook but I want to make everything from Vegan Brunch. What a conundrum.

The dog days of summer have arrived.


9 thoughts on “Italian Feast, some Broccoli Quiche, and a Swiss Chard Fritatta

  1. fortheloveofguava

    okay I think I definitely have to get over my fear of sausage making… YUM!!! That broccoli spaceship doesn’t look half bad either! 🙂

  2. Alin

    I feel the same way about Vegan Brunch! They aren’t really hot weather kinds of food. Damn Portland based cookbook authors. 🙂

    The Swiss Chard Frittata was the first thing I made from the book, and it didn’t come out so well. Confirmed my dislike of nooch. Yours looks awesome!

  3. maya938

    the timing of this post is exquisite for my life! i have sausages and needed some ideas other than the pizza i will make as soon as i can hold myself accountable enough to a recipe to bake. V.B. arrived to my house this week too – yippee! i love your spinashed potatoes idea. i’ve been doing something similar w/ broccoli for years. the spinach will be an excellent change up on my go-to.

  4. lazysmurf Post author

    Alin- that must be why you don’t like the Bouldin Creek tofu Scramble either!

    maya- Broccoli in potatoes sounds great! I use Kale too.

  5. Alin

    Ew. Don’t ever mention that dish again to me.

    The only thing I’ve ever liked there is the Veggie Royale. Everything else, sweets, tacos, even the hummus has been mediocre. I really try to like BC, promise! I still go for late night snacks though. 🙂

    So glad we are spoiled with veggie options.

  6. Cyn

    We love Vegan Brunch! The swiss chard fritatta is awesome. And my boyfriend is making me the banana flapjacks tonight.

  7. beershevaboheme6

    I must say, I’m in love with the jalapeno-corn gravy from V’con…I haven’t made that in way too long.

    And I’ve also just got to say that your dog is absolutely adorable…and I can totally commiserate with the luck on his face in that photo…oh summer.

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