Kentucky Fried Tofu Bowl

What if the colonel had a pink haired grandaughter that took over the company and changed it to Kentucky Fried Tofu and instead of commercial featuring flying pieces of dead birds they had flying pieces of tofu. Would people still protest the company but for different reasons? Would the food still be gross?

These are the topics that we could have discussed while eating my version of KFC’s bowls. Actually, the inspiration came from something we used to eat at summer camp, fried fish mixed with mashed potatoes and corn. I didn’t feel like cooking and this seemed like an easy and hilarious meal to replicate.  I bought popcorn tofu and canned corn from Wheatsville, made some mashed potatoes with sauted garlicky kale so I wouldn’t feel totally deprived of any nutrition, and leftover gravy. Everyone really liked their bowls but who doesn’t like popcorn tofu?


5 thoughts on “Kentucky Fried Tofu Bowl

  1. Alin

    Wheatsville’s Popcorn Tofu is unbelievably good. It’s INSANE.

    Have you ever gotten it fresh when they make it at 2:30? OMG Genius.

  2. Jes

    Oh my goodness, I’m having a major comfort food hankering because of that picture…

  3. taryn

    Do u know the receipe for the popcorn tofu by any chance!!? i have been trying to make it sense the first and only time it ate it from there.

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