Lazy Smurf’s photo guide to enjoying summer:

First find a hammockIf a hammock can not be found a sleeping bag in a sunny spot will workThen find someone to grill for you, even if he uses too much lighter fluid, do not start an argument

Instead enjoy a fruity cocktail

Find some nostalgic songs about summer to listen too

and remember when you used to spend all summer hangin’ out

If you go somewhere remember in summer that flip flops are the only acceptable alternative to bare feetIf you are by the ocean you can go surfingIf you don’t you can still rock out to the beach boys

You can ride your bike

And find somewhere that you can go swimmingMaybe you will find a magical place that has a  swim up bar AND hammocks so much the better Finally, eat lots of good food outside

We got these little corn holders for Christmas and finally got to bust them out for Memorial Day! I was so excited, the grilled corn was really good, I soaked it first in water for 10 minutes, rubbed it with olive oil, and sealed it back in it’s husk before grilling. I also roasted the asparagus on the grill and made BLT burgers out of seitan with bacon bits and an avocado filling from Just the Food. They were really easy to make and very flavorful!

But DON’T let your dogs enjoy the leftover corn cobs

Even though it was really cute at the time they threw them up the next day. Ew.

And finally, take after Dinger and find a cool spot for a nice nap


3 thoughts on “Summertime

  1. fortheloveofguava

    awww… my sentiments about summer exactly!

    I’m at work and can’t watch that video but i assume it’s this one…
    “Yeah I got on kicks but I need a new pair cuz basketball courts in the summer got girls there….”

    mwahaha… a classic!

  2. Jeni Treehugger

    Hammocks are the BEST! And so is eating outside, and so is sipping cocktails and so are flip flops.
    I heart flip flops – I have a cat called Flip Flop.
    I was a bit concerned that the towels drying on the line were a bit too close to the grill – but I’m guessing by the fact that the photo after it wasn’t of burning towels that it was just a trick of the camera.
    Ahhhh summer……how I love thee.

  3. Cyn

    Here in San Diego, we wear flipflops year round! It has made me incredibly lazy about putting on shoes – it just seems like so much work now.

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