Star Trek Feast

I can’t find the picture that I have of the 7th grade version of me dressed in full Star Trek the Next Generation starfleet uniform. I really wanted to post it. I am surround by two Klingons that are dressed so well you would think they stepped out of the future. When I was in 6th grade my best friend, Amanda, and I even reenacted an episode, casting all of our (girl) friends as Picard and Riker etc. I was a very belieable Worf, well as believable as a 6th grade girl can be.

So yeah, I was am a nerd. I don’t go to Sci-fi conventions any more but I did live in my mom’s basement for a while. And you know what? Now I blog about food that I made. So if you see me walking down the street you can yell “NERD” all you want and I will take it as a compliment. There aren’t many people, I would wager, who simultaneously had a crush on Captain Picard AND Wesley Crusher. I can also identify the season of the next generation by the shape of Riker’s beard.

I have been recently revisiting my Star Trek roots in anticipation of the new movie, listening to podcasts, watching the original series on the Roku and Deep Space 9 on DVD from Netflix (why do they have to be so expensive?). I have also been thinking about all the food and how good it would be. I was lucky enough to see the new movie with a glass of Romulan Ale in my hand (thank you Alamo Drafthouse) following this feast.

I made Bajoran Hasperat. It is based on Lolo’s version at Vegan Yum Yum except with the addition of a large sausage shaped chikpea cutlet, some extra spices (sumac & smoked paprika) and golden beets instead of carrots. Everyone really liked them and the guys even had them for breakfast the next day.

I also had gaeta olives on the side that were supposed to be in the wrap. Mmm Gaeta.

I roasted Ferengi Tube Grubs (Fiddlehead Ferns) and Asparagus for the side dish that were made palatable by the addition of Cardassian Yamok Sauce

the sauce was basically white beans sauteed with garlic, onions, tarragon, and lemon and then blended with a few green olives.

We had it on potatoes too, I loved it and it inspired the next night’s meal. I will post the recipe if anyone is interested it was perfect for the season.

Here is Amanda and I forcing her boyfriend to give the Vulcan salute,  it is sad that neither of our boyfriends are Trekkies, they have thier own nerd activities though, I promise.

My favorite part of watching the new movie was that Amanda was sitting next to me and every time someone gave the customary hand greeting Amanda did it too. (NERD!!!!)

The best part of the whole meal, though, was the Earl Grey cupcakes, they are an alteration from the chai cupcakles in Vegan Cupcakes take over the World. I made the frosting from the book that uses Agave and coconut butter instead of sugar and margarine and it was divine. Mr. Smurf doesn’t even like frosting on cakes usually and he was eating the leftovers with a spoon.

It was a good meal.

What are you a nerd about?

PS- the cupcake background is from they have lots of great images


7 thoughts on “Star Trek Feast

  1. selina

    your are now my new favorite blogger! i love star trek. my husband got me hooked about a year & a half ago. we’ve rented most of the series from the library over the past year except the 1st star trek series & the next generation. the library doesn’t have those 2 for some reason.

    i think i may make these things (and the klingon gagh) for my husband for his birthday in june!

  2. Cyn

    That’s so awesome! I love the whole themed meal. I am a huge nerd, and while I’m not a trekkie, half of my friends are (Comp Sci grad school, go figure), and they are teaching me the ways of Star Trek. Now whenever I make a Star Trek reference they get all proud of me, it’s adorable.

  3. twoveganboys

    Wow. The food looks great. I grew up in the ’70s watching Star Trek. It was awesome. Sorry you couldn’t make it to the potluck.

  4. fortheloveofguava

    [shouts “Nerd” then looks behind her to see who would dare… teehee…..] Okay I’m a nerd on many accounts too but unfortunately know nothing about star trek. I do remember having a conversation with a friend & fan about the difference between a trekker and trekkie… i think… at any rate trekker/ie or not those ferns are ridiculously awesome! I want some alien food!

  5. rebel ryan

    I can’t believe you forced me to flash that vulcan gang sign…I am such a nerd! Thank you again for the dope grub Lazy Smurf!

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