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Dog Almighty

If you live in Austin and you haven’t been to Dog Almighty you should get up and go right now. They have Vegan Dogs, Vegan Chili, Vegan Frito Pie, Vegan Chocolate Covered Graham Crackers and the best tater tots in the country.

Goodseed Organic

I have passed by this trailer many times and wanted to stop for their breakfast tacos but it has always eluded me. Every time I go over there with the trailer as my destination it is all closed up but when I am in a hurry going somewhere else it is wide open. Today, I was headed over to the Fair Bean for one of their delicious empanadas when I noticed it was open AND I was hungry so I did a U-turn and stopped by for a quick taco on my way to work.

Their menu was very vegan friendly and very raw food oriented although I wouldn’t call it a full on raw food place. The first thing that I noticed was that they carry Buddha’s Brew Kombucha which I am totally obsessed with and bought a case of at the farmer’s market last weekend. So that is great to know that there is another place I can get it since they don’t carry it at whole foods or Wheatsville.  The breakfast menu included a manna bread peanut butter and jelly sandwich, oatmeal with homemade hemp milk, and steamed greens.

The tacos had the usual vegetarian suspects and for vegans they had a bean (black or refried pinto), seasoned potato, and avocado taco which is what I opted for. They also had the largest choice of tortillas that I think I have ever seen, including a gluten free brown rice tortilla, sprouted corn, wheat, flour and sprouted wheat. My taco was cooked on the spot and came out in just a couple of minutesIt was delicious! Both the potatoes and the beans seemed to be seasoned quite nicely and the avocado had a vinaigrette dressing. The filling could have easily filled two tacos and I was nervous that they only gave me one corn tortilla but it held up. The tortilla was kind of strange and I think next time I would go for a different one. The salsa and the pico were both spot on and added a nice flavor to the taco. I think it is a nice addition to the south austin vegan taco scene.

For lunch they have several different options including a couple different green salads and a pasta salad. I think this is a great spot for quick healthy eating, especially if you stay away from gluetan or are . And the coffee was good too!

Chickpea Soup for the Vegan Soul

I caught this stupid virus that my sister brought from the freezing cold Windy City. Yuk! I haven’t been able to enjoy the spring weather at all, instead, I have been laying around watching Star Trek and unfortunately an entire season of America’s Next Top Model, I could actually feel my brain deteriorating as this was happening. Top Model is like a train wreck that you can’t look away from, you just feel so sorry for the people involved and the world that we live in where a tragedy like this can happen over and over.

Today I am almost fully recovered! Yay! The only real difference is my sultry voice from non stop coughing. I owe my quick recovery to a combination of Kombucha, Grape Seed Extract, and soup… oh the power of soup. Whenever cold season strikes it seems like magazines and newspapers bust out their “Chicken Soup actually does have healing powers article” but if you look at the research it is the onions that are mostly doing the trick, the chicken can(should) be replaced quite easily. In the Veganomicon the recipe uses chickpeas for the protein and adds miso both for the added flavor and for its amazing healing powers. Its a combination that can’t be beat!I changed the recipe a bit, omitting the mushrooms (they don’t belong in chickpea soup!), adding leeks because they are great and I had some, and adding Better Than Bouillon, No Chicken Base, vegeta, and I used less miso. It was terrific. Exactly what you would expect for this kind of soup!

Bánh mì at LuLu B’s

Did you ever see that episode of the Simpson’s where Homer is at the company picnic and they have one of those 25 foot long sandwiches? Carl says “We hardly put a dent in that sandwich” and Homer says he will give it a proper home. Then as the weeks go by the sandwich starts to rot and eventually makes Homer really ill and he looks at the sandwich and says “this is all your fault…. I could never be mad at you!” and starts eating the rotten thing again? That is how I feel about the Lemongrass Tofu Bánh mì at LuLu B’s. It was so good and only 4 dollars, it doesn’t get any better than that. Sleepy Smurf wanted me to make sure that I added that the avocado boba tea is the best that she has had in town. And the picture is only half the sammy! I had to eat the other half as soon as I got back to work or I would have gone into a panic. So you are really looking at 2 dollars worth of sandwich. Wow.

Glass Jars- is there anything they can’t do?

I used to buy plastic contrainers. I bought into the whole reusable/disposable/who needs the earth anyway marketing schemes from Glad and Ziploc and tried to use their shitty containers. It turns out that they purposely change the shape of the lids every few weeks so that you have to keep buying new ones. Or you can attempt to use the lid that almost works but this never works. You always end up with a bag full of soup, or worse yet pad see ew. Ewww. It took me awhile but I finally woke up to the wonder that is glass jars. They are environementally friendly, they don’t stain from putting tomatoes in them, they never leak, they can work as a drinking glass, AND the lids usually fit across the different brands. I filled this jar with a wonderful Spring soup from Vegan Soups and Hearty Stews for All Seasons by Nava Atlas which I won a couple months back from a contest at Fat Free Vegan. It is a Greek style Orzo and Spinach soup that was just terrific and yielded 3 jars of leftovers.  The orzo really grew overnight while it soaked in the soup! I felt so silly walking around with this jar of soup and my camera trying to find a good spot to take the picture. I was going to tell people if they asked that I was on an Easter soup hunt. But nobody asked, they just watched me.