Portobello Sandwich with an Olive Chimichurri

I got some lovely “ancient grain” bread at the farmer’s market on Saturday and I had some portobellos so I knew I would have to make a sandwich. I have always had a strange relationship with sandwiches. When I was a kid I hated mustard, mayo, lettuce, pickles, relish, raw onion, sauerkraut, and horseradish so if I ever went to a restaurant my sandwiches were really plain. When I used to go to subway I would get a cold cut, tomato, and as many olives they could fit. One day, in the year 2001 I got into a fight with a sandwich “artist” who would only give me 6 slices of olives. She said the corporate policy was that extra olives cost 35 cents for each additional serving of 3 slices of olive. I explained that I wasn’t getting any of the other condiments so it seemed unfair. She refused to give in; maybe she didn’t have a soul or perhaps she was threatened by the company. Regardless, I left the restaurant in disgust and vowed never to return and to this day I refuse to purchase anything from Subway. Sometimes I can really identify with Grandpa Simpson.

I still don’t like most traditional American condiments but I love all sorts of other things including the great food love of my life: the olive. This sandwich was a roasted portobello marinated in wine, olive oil, soy sauce, balsamic, and garlic and then topped with arugula and roasted red peppers. I also made a cross between and chimichurri and a tapenade for the spread that was delicious! In a mortar and pestle I pounded out some garlic and then added parsley, basil, green olives, and tomato. Heavenly! The key with a sandwich like this is to toast the bread so it doesn’t get to soggy. I served the sandwiches with Potato Squashers. This picture also shows off my new salt and pepper shakers that I got at room service. So smurfy!


6 thoughts on “Portobello Sandwich with an Olive Chimichurri

  1. taleoftwovegans

    That sandwich looks super satisfying. I hear you about Subway – ‘c’mon, I’m getting ONLY veggies, can I puh-leeze have more than three slices of cucumber??’

  2. beershevaboheme6

    I totally hear you about subway. I got a couple awful subs where they skimped on EVERYTHING and once just gave me the three things I didn’t want instead of all the veggies I did. I wrote a complaint to corporate hoping for an apology…or a coupon, instead I got an email thanking me for my “continued patronage”. Needless to say, it’s a year and a half later and I haven’t been back.

  3. Alex

    Three slices of olives?! She must not have a soul, I certainly can’t imagine anyone who did trying that. They’d quite out of shame of being associated with the business if it was a real company policy.
    When I get subway I get nearly every vegetable they have and have them put so many olives that they have to tip the sandwich on it’s side and hold it shut in order to wrap it.

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