A Wonderful Spring Weekend

My mom came to visit this weekend and we had a lot of fun going all over town instead of hiding out in South Austin. I finally got to go to the Daily Juice cafe but I didn’t have my camera! It was so good, even though I have read a lot about the wonder that is the Juice I was shocked, I thought it was better than any raw restaurant I have been too. I was nervous about taking my mom since she doesn’t know about the “living food” movement or anything to do with raw veganism but she was starving and agreed to go and she loved it! She had a BBQ coconut sandwich and I had and avocado ceviche and for dessert we had these peanut butter chocolates. Oh my God, if you live in Austin or come to visit please put it on your list of things to try. We also went to the Eastside Cafe, the South Congress Cafe, Taco Deli, and had drinks at Vivo. She loved everywhere we went so that was fun and I was excited when everyone ordered vegetarian at the Eastside without even thinking about it. I was surprised by the lack of vegan options there. I thought with their emphasis on fresh vegetables it would be a no-brainer but alas dairy was everywhere. I tried the Acorn Squash with soy ginger dressing there and it was delectable I also had the mushroom pot stickers but they were just so-so. The cocktails at Vivo were really good and fresh and they have a nice patio. I had an amazing drink that was Hornitos tequila, Cointreau, muddled fresh strawberries & basil, fresh lime juice. I think it will be my official drink of summer!

We also went to the farmer’s market and they were having an art fair too so lots of people were out and even more vendors than usual. The music was a lot of fun too! I saw the biggest cabbages I think I have ever seen.This one was kind of like Audrey II.

I also saw some really pretty orchids.

My mom bought me some plants because she is awesome! I got some really cool succulents that I am excited about but of course already forgot the names of. I should really take a notebook with me to the farmer’s market. There is this flowering one with neat bark.

and this psychedlic baby.

I also got a Thai Lime plant to replace the giant one that I had for two years but died in a cold snap last December. Soon I will be able to cook Thai Food again!I also got a big cherry tomato plant that already has tomatoes growing! I am so excited that tomatoes are happening! I got a bunch of big ones at the market.And the Pièce de Résistance I was so excited to find these tiny asparagus. It hurt to cut them up but I finally had all the ingredients to make the quiche from the Veganomicon and so I did. The funny thing is that I was just talking about how I had never had a good vegan quiche. Now I know the reason is that I hadn’t tried the Veganomicon version. Instead of tofu you are supposed to use walnuts and navy beans. I didn’t have any so I used half pine nuts and half pecans and it turned out so wonderful and creamy. We couldn’t stop eating it. It was really late by the time it finally came out of the oven so the picture doesn’t really do justice to the amazingness that was this quiche.


6 thoughts on “A Wonderful Spring Weekend

  1. aTxVegn

    I was at that market Saturday with my mom too. And I saw those giant cabbages!

    My mom lives so close to Daily Juice and we are still trying to get there – thanks for the recommendations.

  2. Jes

    Beautiful quiche! And I love the succulents–the fuzzy flower one is fabulous. Hurray for fun weekends with moms!

  3. lisa (show me vegan)

    what a coincidence, I tried a similar cocktail in St. Louis this weekend. It was tequila infused with watermelon and basil, then used to make a rocks margarita. Yum! The quiche is going on my list of “got to make this”!

  4. Mom

    Every meal I had in Austin with my daughter last week (as described above) was so delicious! My Lazy Smurf is not exaggerating in any of her descriptions. I was so impressed by the beautiful vegetables at the Farmers Market, plus the art fair and music. I had a tamale that was so yummy and bursting with mexican spices.
    The day before, as we were touring the many neighborhoods of Austin, we drove by the Daily Juice Cafe, she was so excited when she saw the cafe and told me how she’s been wanting to eat there. I nixed the idea. About an hour later, after shopping and checking out different Austin neighborhoods, I mentioned that I really would like to try the Daily Juice Cafe if we could find it. Our car automatically seemed to go into auto-pilot and somehow managed to find the cafe quite easily. What a treat. I ordered my sandwich, it was only after we were sitting down that I was told that their sandwiches aren’t served on bread but raw crackers. I must say that I was impressed by not only the visual presentation (great attention to detail) but by the unique flavor combination of the unusual ingredients/ The chocolate treat was very moist, and the dark chocolate flavor absolutely decadent. Austinites are so lucky, you have beautiful parks, lakes, all kinds of hiking and swimming venues, mexican, tex-mex and Bar B Que and on top of all that all kinds of vegan food choices. Plus, some of the most hospitable people I have ever met. Can’t wait for my next visit!

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