Republican Tea baggers

I guess we should feel sorry for the tea baggers because it really shows a lack of a good education more than anything else. Don’t you people realize that you eventually have to pay for all the lack of regulation and multiple wars? Where did you think this money was going to come from? That is one of the reasons that we were all so mad but you were to busy being patriotic, buying things cheaply at Walmart, and supporting the president in a time of war that you didn’t pay attention.Hey dude with the hat, maybe you should re- read that constituion. Hey 11 Trillion guy: That is because of BUSH!

This is just sad! Now is the first time you are afraid of the governemt? Not when they started torturing people, rolling back civil liberties or killing all those people? Now?

These two I have no words for.

But so far this is the most disgusting example. Hitler? Killing 4 million people? Don’t you think that comparison is a little over the top?

Psst! What this man doesn’t realize is that he can’t have an abortion.

Like protesting dog licencing fees?

Ah, another vegan in the crowd! With a mullet no less!

Can you believe Obama made an economic depression in just 3 months? Oh I miss the good old days of Bush with his fiscal responsibility, he never would deregulated big business and then bailed out big banks.

racist and proud!


17 thoughts on “Republican Tea baggers

  1. Cody

    …my mom recently informed me she was going to a “tea party.” She’s rarely even voted or cared about politics until this last election… she’s just that upset by Obama.

  2. Jes

    Oh good lord. I can’t decide if the Jew comment, the Curious George, or the poor little kid is the worst sign… a girl I was friends with high school organized the Atlanta one (the one Sean Hannity showed up to and promoted) and I just can’t get over how ridiculous it was.


  3. lazysmurf Post author

    Cody- Why is she upset? Does she watch Fox News? I just can’t get over that anyone could be mad at Obama but not WAY ANGIRER at Bush!

    Jes- it is so hard to see people go down that path, one of my good friends from high school and I argued about Sarah Palin and it was like “you can’t be serious”

  4. rebel ryan

    wow thanx for posting those amazing pix…as dumb as their beliefs may be, i am glad to see people exercise their right to organize. i propose that we start a grassroots campaign to organize a celebration for barack obama’s birthday on august fourth…pass the word yo!

  5. Marianna

    Hi Lazy Smurf, I have been following you for a month or so and find each of your posts very interesting.
    The pictures you posted are pretty shocking. I am not American and I am often shocked about the political views of many Americans. Almost every picture is racist or denotes ignorance or rudeness…I hate that.

  6. lazysmurf Post author

    jessie- the “birth certificate” fiasco was started my some bloggers who say Obama wasn’t born in the US and that his birth certificate is a fake. It was an big issue during the election and he put it up on his web site and fact and a bunch of organizations said that it was official. Then they tried to get the supreme court to show that it was a fake but they refused and he became president anyway. I don’t know why they are still talking about it because even if it was proved fake now he is already the president. I think it is just a way for them to feel that he isn’t legitimate because they can’t face his color.

    Marianna- It is constantly shocking to watch these people, luckily I don’t know anyone like this in real life (and I live in Texas) I think they are mostly people who are really uneducated and frustrated with their lack of understanding of the world so they lash out.

  7. twoveganboys


    These pictures are crazy. I am embarrassed to say that my parents are not supporters of Obama. But then again they think me and the boys are crazy hippie vegetarians who waste our time recycling and shopping at thrift stores.

    I showed Josh this post and his jaw dropped at the Jew comment. He is Jewish and he said that if he was downtown and saw that, it would have been really hard for him to not say something to the dumbass holding the sign. And then he saw the Curious George sign and said that is just as bad as the the Jew comment. It just makes the people in Texas look more and more ignorant. Ugh.

    The best picture is the anti-pork sign.

    Thanks for having such a great blog.

    I hope you have an awesome weekend.

    Krys and the boys

  8. ibraim

    I am an us citizen living in portugal, i can say for sure that one thing no one on protesting has ever left the us, no doubt.
    If people start using more the logic, they will see for the first time how easy they have been manilulated for so long, for so few…Many republicans are so blind, because they stand for a extremist point of view for everything, but the true is only one, this people does no t have a clue about the all world, so get a vacation, and get real!
    Obama is getting the best for us, it is to get the world start loving us again!

  9. me

    Hey! I was just wondering where this march took place? It is so funny, because as a left-winger I sort of feel like we ‘own’ marches and peaceful protest. It seems so unusual to see the right-wingers marching!!

    Anyway, could you tell me where this took place, and perhaps where I could see other photos?


  10. lazysmurf Post author

    me- these pictures are culled from a variety of sources and protests. I looked a pictures from Indiana, Texas, and I think Oklahoma the most. It is strange to see Republican protesters since usually they are going on about how anti-American it is to question the government. If you watched Fox News though they were pimping out the tea bagging events constantly and getting people really excited to see their favorite republican mouthpieces like Sean Hannity. You can see more by doing a search on Flickr for “tea bag” and search April 15 and 16 or take a look at Huffington Post.

  11. Natastrophe

    Thank goodness I live in Australia! No wonder there’s so many assaults in the USA – if I saw people walking around with signs like that, I’d definitely want to punch them!

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