Bánh mì at LuLu B’s

Did you ever see that episode of the Simpson’s where Homer is at the company picnic and they have one of those 25 foot long sandwiches? Carl says “We hardly put a dent in that sandwich” and Homer says he will give it a proper home. Then as the weeks go by the sandwich starts to rot and eventually makes Homer really ill and he looks at the sandwich and says “this is all your fault…. I could never be mad at you!” and starts eating the rotten thing again? That is how I feel about the Lemongrass Tofu Bánh mì at LuLu B’s. It was so good and only 4 dollars, it doesn’t get any better than that. Sleepy Smurf wanted me to make sure that I added that the avocado boba tea is the best that she has had in town. And the picture is only half the sammy! I had to eat the other half as soon as I got back to work or I would have gone into a panic. So you are really looking at 2 dollars worth of sandwich. Wow.


10 thoughts on “Bánh mì at LuLu B’s

  1. karisullivan

    I’ve been meaning to try this place, but I was wondering how good a tofu sandwich could actually be. You totally convinced me with your picture 🙂

  2. rebel ryan

    i know you are not into animal flesh but the lemongrass chicken sandwich is the shit…their tofu spring rolls aree pretty dope taboot. go cubs!

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