another attempt…

My macamole recipe isn’t as easy as I thought it would be! Lucky for me Dan has loved every single incarnation of this so he can eat all the efforts! This one was good, but still not what I wanted. I braised an onion and garlic in broth and then processed with cashews, pumpkin seeds, tahini, avocado, cumin, chilie powder, roasted poblanos and jalapeños. The scallions on the top really added a lot.  The tofu was terrific though, I pressed it for a couple hours, breaded it with cornmeal, nutritional yeast, and vegeta and then pan fried it.


5 thoughts on “another attempt…

  1. Jes

    Each attempt keeps looking and sounding better! I’m still eagerly waiting in anticipation for a perfected recipe…if only guacs were in season/easier to come by here!

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