Product Review Monday

Over the weekend I was feeling really ill which led to us eating some food from the freezer, it was really good food though, so I thought I would review what I had. This is the first time I tried the Sunshine burger, it was on sale so I thought I  would check them out, I also liked that it came in very small packaging, had whole food ingredients, and were vegan (which isn’t as common as you would think in a veggie burger). The burger was pretty good, you could taste vegetables and it didn’t taste at all like meat or smoke. I think there might have been some mustard because there was a pungent aspect that I didn’t care for but I don’t like mustard so that is me and it wasn’t gross or anything. We both liked it although I did have it covered in roasted shallots, guacamole, and spinach so anything probably would have been good. With a side of tots and some grapes it was a great meal, especially since everything went into the oven together so it was minimal effort. I will buy these again.

For Valentine’s Day we had Cafferata Frozen Artichoke Raviolis. I was thrilled to find vegan raviloli at central market so I knew I had to try these. They were really good, filled with bread crumbs, garbanzo beans, and artichokes.  The really had a lot of flavor and felt like they had cheese, in fact I double checked the packaging. I would by these again for sure.


4 thoughts on “Product Review Monday

  1. Jes

    The ravioli looks great. I miss it (and tortellini–if vegan tortellini were available I would die happily!), so I’ll have to check that brand out.

  2. eva

    which sunshine burger did you try? i have tried the garden and the southwestern, and LOVE LOVE LOVE the southwestern….nice and spicy, perfect with some avocado and salsa!

  3. lazysmurf Post author

    it was the original flavor one, I am going to try all of them for sure! That southwestern one sounds like it is just my style.

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