Stimulate My Pocket

I was watching John Stewart last night and he came up with an simple solution to the economic “crises”. He said that instead of giving the banks the money they should just divvy it up among the Americans, then we would either pay back the money to the banks to get out of debt and they would have money again or we would spend it and thus stimulate the economy. It seems like such an elegant solution that can’t fail. No one would just put 10,000 dollars under the mattress, everyone would either put it in the bank or go shopping.

Are there flaws in this that I am not seeing? Please let me know why this wouldn’t work. The only thing I can think is that it is a government conspiracy after all.


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  1. J

    the main problem is that the banks are broke as hell. If the banks don’t have money, people cannot borrow to get a house, business’s cannot expand. So giving the money to the people first is kind of a long winded way of it getting back to the banks. The main problem is the ‘solution’: appease debt by getting into more debt and increasing inflation. America’s solution is to call on the Federal Reserve:

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