Voluptuous Vegan- The Missing Table of Contents

I have a cookbook called the Voluptuous Vegan that is almost useless to me since it has no table of contents. Well, it does but the table says “Soups page 9, Main Courses 88, Desserts 326” which isn’t even remotely helpful and a waste of paper. There are lots of sauces, salads, and sides that sound interesting but the book is arranged by menu, and it doesn’t even list the menus! So you either have to fill your copy with post it notes (but I can’t tag everything) or never use the book.

The other night while watching Doogie Howser on Hulu I made a table of contents, it probably isn’t 100% correct and proofed very well but I listed everything first by category and then by menu with all the page numbers so that you can actually find a recipe without remembering that it is called  “Mushroom Filo Triangles with Delicata-Porcini Sauce”. I hope that others can enjoy it too.

Please if you have made anything from this book that you especially liked or didn’t like leave it in the comments because I have been wanting to try some different things out.

Voluptuous VeganTable of Contents PDF


7 thoughts on “Voluptuous Vegan- The Missing Table of Contents

  1. efcliz

    Nice work!! Things from this book that I love:
    Chilli cornbread casserole with guacasalsa
    Tofu pine nut leek tart with french lentil sauce
    Curried chickpea tart with cauliflower fennel sauce etc
    Pumpkins, sage and pecan ravioli

  2. Jen

    Wow, this is awesome! Thanks for doing that. I might actually use this book more often now that I can find things!

    I love the butternut lemongrass soup and the wild mushroom and rice soup. The chickpea crepes are good too.

  3. Jeni Treehugger

    You are awesome and I don’t even have this book!
    From reading what the others have recommended though it has made me want this book so I’ll be sure to check out your table of contents.
    YOU ROCK for doing that you know!

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