I went to school in Olympia Washington where we were blessed with many different wonderful kinds of beer from organic microbrews to my favorite shwag beer, Oly (its the water)

Here in Texas the beer isn’t as exciting, although Lone Star is the national beer of Texas more often than not we go with PBR (hey its vegan & cheap). Recently I was shocked to find that the Live Oak Market right down the street started carrying beer from Deshutes Brewery in Oregon. It is so exciting to see the Black Butte Porter and Mirror Pond Ale on the shelf again. Ah, simpler times. Even more exciting than that is that since it is almost Xmas we get the seasonal brew Jubelale (yes it is vegan).

We first came across it on election and night and now I will always associate this festive winter ale with Barack Obama and the night that I learned to stop being afraid of Republican domination of the country. This beer is so great, spicy and peppery without being so intense that you can’t drink it. It is almost creamy but is still very drinkable. I love it! The website says they have it in Austin and Dallas now.


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  1. leaveittocleaver

    Wow, that beer looks incredible.
    Good to see you’ve done better with NaBloPoMo than I did. I didn’t even make it through the first week. Keep up the great posts 🙂

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