You know you are a vegan when….

You have 10 different recipes for mac and cheese and not one of them contains cheese! I feel like I make this dish all the time and I think at the point I like the vegan versions better. The first couple I tried tasted mostly of nutirtional yeast and I had to cover them in BBQ sauce to eat them but lately I have had several different versions that are wildly different and yet all satiate me when I want something creamy and startchy.

Although my favorite is still the I made a couple weeks ago and is a combination of the cashew ricotta from the Veganomicon and the Grilled Cheeze from the Uncheese book I really like this version from Veg News mac&cheese. The interesting aspect here that drew me to the recipe was the fact that nooch wasn’t subbing for the cheese, instead it got is creamyness from potatoes and cashews, its color from carrots, and its flavor from spices, shallots, and garlic.

I also finally found some Panko Breadcrumbs at central market and though they were expensive I bought them and then decided to bread my seitan cutlets with them similar to this recipe from Vegan Dad. I made this meal because my Dan really wanted fast food and when I was done he agreed that this was much much better.


6 thoughts on “You know you are a vegan when….

  1. helloveggie

    Hey, great post! I have a question, are you panko bread crumbs vegan? I was so excited when i found these crumbs at the store, I bought them right away, and then got home and saw the work BUTTER in the ingredients.

    Would you share the brand you use, if it’s totally vegan please? THANKS!

  2. lazysmurf Post author

    helloveggie – I don’t know! I just stupidly assumed they were vegan since they are always in vegan recipes. I will check the bag when I get home.

  3. helloveggie

    OK, thanks so much! I assumed they were vegan too because I saw them on Vegan Dad on his wings and nuggets! I was so excited about using them and then I gasped when I read the back! Ha =)

  4. lazysmurf Post author

    I just looked, I have the Sun Luck brand they contain Bleached Wheat Flour, Shortening (partially hydrogenated soybean oil, palm oil) dextrose, yeast, salt, yeast nutrients (calcium, phosphorus, sodium, ascorbic acid). So they sure don’t sound very healthy but they look vegan. They did work much better than regular breadcrumbs but I don’t think I would buy them again unless I find a cheaper source.

  5. helloveggie

    Wow, well thank you so much for checking for me! I’ll continue to search for vegan brands of panko crumbs since I know now that some of them ARE vegan!
    I’ve enjoyed surfing your site! thanks!

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