Pecan Crusted Seitan Cutlet with Balsamic Glazed Carrots & Brussel Sprouts

One of my favorite restaurants in town is called Threadgill’s. It is this really old southern style comfort food place that is famous because Janis Joplin and others got their start there. I love it because they actually mark their vegan options on the menu which is very unusual for these southern-style places. Usually they go out of their way to add bacon or lard to every vegetable side dish. In my pregen days my favorite entree to order was the pecan encrusted chicken with brussels sprouts and candied yams. The other great part about Threadgills is that they have free refils on sides. How absurd is that!

Anyway, I decided that my seitan cutlets needed to be pecan crusted so I mixed some ground flax seeds with almond milk in one dish and chopped pecans, paprika, and minced garlic in another dish. The flax bath adhered to the cutlets really well, better than anything else I have tried and the pecan mix mostly stayed attached.Meanwhile, I had been sauteeing some baby carrots in eath balance on another burner. When it was time to panfry the seitan cutlets I moved the carrots to another saucepan with balsamic and brown sugar and placed the halved brussels sprouts face down in the remaining margarine and let them carmelize. Everything finished up 10 minutes later, I topped the carrots with chives from the backyard. The meal was truly delcious. I think I really captured Threadgills spirit. The seitan came out just perfect and the sprouts were ncie and carmelized.


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