VeganMoFo: Why Vegan

The Vegan Month of Food has begun! For my first post I thought I would talk quickly about why I became vegan.

People ask me all the time why I became vegan. They usually find it fascinating and often get immediately defensive. Sometimes they say really weird things like “I am going to eat extra veal tonight” or “don’t you think plants have feelings too?” How I respond depends on my mood and whatever is on my mind at the time. Sometimes if you ask me I am in a particularly confrontational mood I will start talking about rape racks and debeaking. Other times I will tell people about how unnatural it is to take milk that is supposed to be for a baby cow, pasteurize it, enhance it with vitamin D and then serve it to adult humans. Or let it mold and cover your salad with it. If people are of the whole foods set I usual talk about the China Study and how animal products have  been directly associated with heart disease, cancer, auto-immune diseases, and vegetables, grains, nuts and seeds can be mighty tasty.

But in the end none of that is really why I am vegan. Its because of this guy and his sister. My dog grunts like a pig when he is happy or content. We always say his mama’s mama’s mama was a pig. His body is

almost the same as a pigs’. He has more personality than some people I know and I would never eat him. Not if you paid me a million dollars. When I used to cook animals I always felt disgust with handling it. Now I cook vegan food and I am so happy in the kitchen. I make my “meat” now. No anti-biotics, no growth hormones, no blood, no torture, no guilt just good food.

The next question that people ask after the “why vegan” is well what do you eat. Vegan food is disgusting. I guess I used to think that too. The first time I had fake meat I thought it was revolting. Fake cheese is even worse.  Very few people enjoy a cool glass of soy milk, but you know what? I rarely eat any of those things. I use rice milk and almond milk in my cooking and drink Horchata or juice or soy mochas. I make my own seitan and eat tofu and beans and I make it just how I like it. I make cookies with whole grain flours and flax seeds and it sounds crazy but they are just as yummy as the butter and egg kind. My cookie fiend omnivorous boyfriend- who works a cookie shop- makes the vegan kind all the time. I couldn’t believe how little I wanted animal products after I stopped eating them (smoking is another story). People say don’t you want a juicy steak? I smile and say no and think to myself Ewww. It is totally unappetizing.

I hope that you see from this blog who wonderful- and yummy vegan food can be. For me that its not about what you can’t eat, its about what you love to eat!


4 thoughts on “VeganMoFo: Why Vegan

  1. bex

    It’s funny that people ask if we would like a nice yummy (insert nonvegan food here). Obviously we wouldn’t or we wouldn’t be vegan.
    Give that puppy nose a kiss for me.

  2. Kati

    Aww your doggy’s so cute!

    I don’t miss animal products at all, either – I can’t even imagine going back. Being vegan is the best!

  3. evestirs

    you’re an olive-addicted, beagle-lovin, scrabble-playin vegan too(w/ an omni S.O.)? if u lived near d.c. we’d be so set!

    “He has more personality than some people I know and I would never eat him. ”
    —> LOL

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